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*orders made in increments of 12 regular sized or 24 mini sized* 

cupcake menu

traditional cupcakes

12 regular/24 mini: $20*
24 regular/48 mini: $36*
per flavor

birthday cake



chocolate caramel

orange dreamsicle

raspberry lemonade


strawberry golden oreo

cinnamon roll

cookies 'n cream

honey banana


chocolate peanut butter

filled cupcakes

12 regular/24 mini: $25*
24 regular/48 mini: $46*
per flavor

apple crisp

apple pie

banana cream pie

birthday cake

blueberry cheesecake



butterscotch cookie

butterscotch waffle cone

caramel apple

caramel cinnamon swirl

caramel drumstick

carrot cake

*NEW*chocolate cookie butter

chocolate Nutella®

chocolate peanut butter cookie

chocolate overload

chocolate salted caramel

raspberry chocolate chip

red velvet cheesecake



salted caramel cheesecake

snickerdoodle cookie

strawberry birthday cake

strawberry lemonade

 strawberry pretzel salad

strawberry shortcake bar

strawberry truffle

Take 5® candy bar


vanilla hazelnut

vanilla graham

white chocolate caramel

white chocolate peanut butter

white chocolate raspberry

chocolate strawberry 


Cinnamon Toast Crunch®

cookie butter cheesecake

cookie dough

cookies 'n cream

cotton candy

Fruity Pebbles®

 golden cookies 'n cream

key lime pie

lemon cheesecake

lemon drop

lucky charms

maple cinnamon roll


mint chocolate chip

orange dreamsicle

peach cobbler

peanut butter s'mores

seasonal cupcakes

12 regular/24 mini: $25*


strawberry rhubarb (april-june)

pumpkin cinnamon roll (oct-nov)

pumpkin chocolate chip (oct-nov)

pumpkin cold brew (oct-nov)

pumpkin cookie butter (oct-nov)

pumpkin s'mores (oct-nov)

white chocolate pumpkin (oct-nov)

white chocolate peppermint (dec)

christmas cookie (dec)

chocolate peppermint (dec)

churro eggnog (dec)

*all prices are subject to change based on size of order and seasonal ingredient prices*
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